Sunday, May 29, 2011

twitter fever

Okay, I had a twitter account since last year but I never knew how it worked until I followed some of my facebook friends. I did post random things there but it seemed that no one ever noticed. Two days ago, I started to ask myself why the hell would people like Anne Curtis gain millions of followers. "Follow" was the word I first heard in Tumblr, not in Twitter. :P Haha! Anyway, I did doubt about following random people on twitter then they will just message you and ask you to follow their recommendations when I thought twitter was used to communicate with other people. My main use of twitter was for updates, news and reading tweets of people I like then reply to them without expecting any answer. Haha. Until, I became addicted. How? When I got a replies from different personalities. Take note, these are their official twitter accounts.

First was Vice Ganda.

Next was from Karen Davila.

Then a message from Kuya Kim Atienza.. :)

Hahaha! Sorry I said I wasn't desperate but everything just came to my twitter when I started using it. I wasn't able to sleep for a night because of this haha!.. It freaked me out.

I was also able to chat with my new classmates. :) I hope I can find new friends this coming year. :) I'm going to enroll tomorrow, I just hope I wake up early. Haha! Lazy me. XD

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