Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 Starting a new blog

     Back when I started using the internet it has been a hobby of mine to create blogs such as this one. I started with friendster blogs and other blog sites that exist. To sum it up, I couldn't anymore count all the blogs that I have created. From, friendster to multiply, blogger, livejournal, wordpress and so many others that I could not remember. Those blogs were not all finished because a lot of it was forgotten and since facebook became so popular, there was no need to write about anything because it was much easier to post there and just after a few seconds, many would already respond to it. Since, I felt this urge to write again, and I hope this will last long, I now made a new blogspot account. I don't know how many blogspot accounts I've made already but I hope this is again worth a try. I have seen facebook blogs of my old friends who are now professionals, and I have realized that I was a better writer than they were back when they were still starting to write. I knew it! Practice really makes everything perfect. I've been practicing for many years already but I know that that is not enough, I still have to  read and write more ideas as I can to improve more my grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore, I want to store all my experiences starting from the last year of my teenage life. 3 days more to go and I'm already 19. The last year for me to be called a TEEN. Haha!.. Anyway, this is a new life. I want to succeed in life so I will be studying more and I'll be focusing more on my goal. Ciao!.. ^__^

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