Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Radio Prod and other stuff

     Someone's telling me to blog. Haha! At least I know there are people who read what I write and wait for me to make another one. What happened yesterday? I did nothing. I just emailed the news to my group mates and then slept and did nothing. I just wanted to rest yesterday. Last Monday I was able to go to school to have our meeting. Call time was around 2pm to 3pm but we arrived there around 4pm because of the heavy rain. After that, we still waited for one of our classmate who went to school but did not wear uniform of even brought an ID. We decided to have our meeting at Burger King. I explained to them the things that I know and then we discussed the things that are needed to be discussed. Then we ate there. After a few hours, my 4th year friends, Dibs, Irene and Meng went there to help us. We did get very helpful tips. I was very thankful they were there. After that we decided to eat dinner at Chic-boy Araneta and met Pauline there. :) It was my first time to eat there.

     Top L to R:Me and Princess Joy
Bottom L to R: Pauline, Meng, Dibs and Irene

     I was so happy to finally meet them again. Thank you for helping girls! It really meant a lot! So yeah, we had fun there and took pictures then we went home around 8:30pm. :) I am so happy!

     That will be all for today. I stayed up late thinking about what to write because I wasn't able to write yesterday. Good night! :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome AUGUST! :)

     Good bye July and hello August! What a great way to end July. Yesterday, I went to NBN (National Broadcasting Network). It was my first time to go there. I was amazed. I went there around 1pm and then waited for Sir Mon for about 3 and a half hours. Haha! I then realized that everything was clear to me. Now how I know how they do "it". LOL! Haha! I meant, now I know how things happen there. :)

outside the newsroom but I went in eventually. :P
surplus po ng tv. joke! haha. :)
with Sir Santoni Nichols Tamondong and Ma'am Vanessa Bianca Piedad :)
with the Executive Producer of NBN News. Tatay Ramon Nunez. :) He is also my professor in Broadcast Journalism, Scriptwriting and Radio Production.
with Tatay and Rob. :)
playing with the mixer. haha!. :) nah, it's a mixer but I ain't playing with it. :D

 That will be all for today. HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE!.. :) I'm out of words. So sleepy. :) Good Morning!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Excited and Happy

     Well, what can I say? I wasn't able to write here last Wednesday because I was too tired and too sick. I did check out my facebook but I did not have the energy and time to write a blog. Last wednesday there was this Japanese Festival held in school. My classmates danced a Japanese song but I was not familiar with it so I didn't know the title. I was the one who took their pictures. I was happy because I supported my friends. It was a whole day activity but I only attended the first part. The second part was in the afternoon but I had my class in PE so I wasn't able to attend.

     Here's their picture. :D I was not there because I was the one who took the picture. I also have a picture with all of them but that was taken in the digital camera of Lanie Sensei, their teacher. She was also my teacher in Nihonggo 2. Anyway, for a short period of time I was able to enjoy the show.

     Later in the afternoon, I attended my PE class. Good thing I wasn't dropped yet. I do not have the new PE uniform. I don't want to wear shorts. haha! But I have no choice. Haha! And oh, I don't know all my classmates. They are all tourism students.

     What happened today was still a blast. I woke up with a very painful sore throat and I was not feeling well so I decided to skip class. I still attended our radio production in the evening.  Everything went well. Next week, we will have our very first radio production. I wonder how will it go? I don't have any idea on what will happen. Best of luck to our group who will present last.  haha! All I'm thinking about right now is how to prepare, what to prepare and what to do first. I want to be prepared. I want everything to be organized when we will have the production. haha! I don't know what I'm talking about. Will this be my first time? Or not. haha! But really, I don't know!  Good luck to me and my groupmates!

     Today, I'm happy. I can say that I am happy because I have my friends. :) For other things that makes me happy, it's between me and myself. Haha! And oh, excited. Yes, I'll be going to NBN tomorrow. I'm excited. That's all. :P

     Random. I already got my OVER CDS. yay! ^__^ I bought it for 2,600 Php straight from Japan. :) Another addition to my collections. ^__^
     I already have 6 Hey! Say! JUMP Cds. :) More to come since they will release another single by august or september. :) I haven't really updated much lately.

     Anyway, that will be all for today. :) Kiotsukete Kudasai!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

blog rush

     Okay, at this moment I don't know what to write, I forgot how to write and unfortunately I ran out of words. I have so many things in mind but I don't know what to write first. haha! So anyway, yesterday I was able to watch Captain America. The movie wasn't that good because in my opinion, the movie didn't have any emotion. I didn't like the ending at all. Well, I expect movies to have happy endings but this movie was different. Just watch the movie if you want to know the ending or I'll just spoil it for you. Haha! I don't know what I'm saying. It's been so long before I last blogged out my thoughts.

     It's very rainy outside and I haven't eaten my breakfast and lunch yet. I'll just have my brunch later after writing this blog. It's a very cold day today so I might as well drink some hot choco or coffee maybe. Hmmm, what to talk about. School? Yeah this semester was a lot different from the past semesters in TUA. I had new friends. I talked about that in my previous blog here. Then everything went pretty well. I enjoyed classes especially Broadcast Journalism, Scriptwriting and Radio Production. Aside from those subjects that sounds "astig" for me (haha!) I loved how our professor deliver his lecture. He has a sense of humor and I pretty much understood every word he said. :) He's like a father to us. He calls us "mga anak". haha.. :)

     Last July 20 we went to UP Diliman for the UP Gawad Plaridel. It was fun because ever since I really wanted to participate and attend  events like that. The 2011 Gawad Plaridel Awardee was Eloisa Cruz-Canlas also known at Lola Sela. She is popular in Radio Drama and in DZRH. I heard of her before but I wasn't really familiar because I wasn't fond of listening to the radio. I also enjoyed the performance of  UP Chorale. Beautiful voices! After the program we did tour around the University and took pictures. :D

 In the Picture is Lola Sela, Eloisa Cruz-Canlas. :)

And oh, we also met Ramon Bautista there!

Me, at the entrance of the Cine Adarna (i think) . :)

     I had a lot of fun because I was with my friends. We weren't able to take pictures in the Oblation for some reasons. Haha. :D That's it for now. I'm still thinking about other things to write. On Sunday I will be going to NBN. haha! Pretty much excited!!.. ^_^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to business!

     A few hours ago I scanned my old blogs that started around 2007. Now I feel inspired and I want to continue blogging. I'll start new blogs as soon as possible. :) I'm pretty much excited! See you very soon!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unexpected Friendship / School Experiences

     Yesterday was a blast! First thing in the morning was a doze of coffee and a newspaper. I woke up around 5:45 a.m. with just 4 hours of sleep because I was busy writing the previous blog. Around 8:30 a.m. I was able to leave the house and then went to school. Upon arriving in our assigned classroom I sat on my chair, read the newspaper and minded my own business while waiting for our professor.
      In class we discussed so many things about the Rules of Readability in Broadcast Journalism. The subject was very interesting that it was one of the subjects I look forward to every week. I also knew why articles are written like those that I read. I didn't know that large numbers should be spelled-out. Acronyms that are used should be known by the majority. There were a lot of interesting things to be learned. I also enjoyed hearing the stories of my professor about his experiences in the media industry and how he was able to survive it all. My evaluation  about the subject is that it is very interesting and I want to learn more about it.

      My life in the classroom focuses only on my world since I had to friends yet. Well, I have some but we don't really talk that much. So during school days my route goes from house to school then back to our house. All I did in class was to listen to my professor.

      At the end of my day, my mom calls me and we discuss things like politics, current events and so many others. Recently, we were able to talk about me having friends. She told me that I should wait and not hurry looking for friends. I agreed and told her that I just need time. Maybe God is preparing something for me. I felt that. Yesterday, He did!

      While walking and heading for the gate of our school all I thought about was going home and getting some sleep. When I entered the jeep, I searched for my wallet to get some coins for payment not noticing the passengers who were with me. As I was searching  my bag, someone blurted out "Si Ate oh." Later on I realized that they were my classmates. They talked to me and I gladly answered their "getting to know" questions. Since it was lunch time and they were planning to eat in Cubao, they invited me. What amazed me was I did not feel any uncertainties and when we strolled the Araneta Center, we talked as if we were very close already. There were five of them but for me that was too large for me so I easily shy away.

      I was happy and thanked God for a wonderful day He gave me. He gave me something that was not in my plans. It was unexpected. Later on, I went home with a big smile on my face. Thank you Lord for new friends! :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Okay. Let me start of with the big bad news that I have read this morning. This is for Hey!Say!JUMP fans only, we'll you can read it if you're that interested.

I was reading kamichan's blog about Ryutaro Morimoto of Hey! Say! JUMP being suspended because he was caught smoking at a very young age. I didn't like what happened though it was really his fault. Knowing that he is working in Jhonny's Entertainment, and he is a Japanese citizen, he must abide by the rules. I understand the decision of Mr. Jhonny Kitagawa, the owner of JE (Jhonny's Entertainment), about the suspension of Morimoto. He was not just caught with the eye but caught with a camera. I don't consider it as being caught because just looking at the picture I can say that he really did that on purpose. You can see the picture here. I could not understand the reason why he would do such thing that would ruin the image of JUMP and other groups. Another thing is that maybe he trusted the wrong person, the person who took the picture. Today will be the launching of their latest single OVER. Now, JUMP will launch their single with only 9 members. After reading the news, I got almost 50 SMS from my friends talking and crying over the issue. I understand that Hey! Say! JUMP is not Hey! Say! JUMP with only 9 members. But there's no reason to go crying and not eating because of that.

The Tokyo TV Station is now puzzled whether they would air Yanyan JUMP and HEY! HEY! HEY!, Morimoto is there and they have already taped the show 2 weeks ago and that will be aired today. They are also thinking about editing the singles and removing Morimoto there but I don't think they still can. There are already CDs that was shipped and sold out of Japan. Poor Morimoto have to be suspended in all appearances indefinitely. At first I would also like to give him a big slap on the face for doing such thing that now ruined the image of the group. Since he's a teenager, I'll refrain from doing that aside from the fact that I don't know him personally. When teenagers are curious, they always end up like that. As far as I'm concerned, Japanese people are very disciplined whether old or young. That is why I was very curious about the reason of Morimoto's early smoking exposure.

Talking about maturity, I was pissed reading some comments and texts about him. Those messages that doesn't really make sense. Why can't fangirls and fanboys just act maturely over this issue? Why do they have to cry so hard over this, why do they have to skip their meals because Morimoto is suspended? I know we fans have our own opinions about this issue. Can we just react about this in an objective and positive way? Isn't crying and skipping meals just because of that just makes a person immature? I know die-hard fans are really hurt about this issue but it's not a reason for them to make themselves suffer. They are just making their life more complicated.

Morimoto has his issues and JE has no clear statements of whether he will be forced to quit or not. In the latest news, it was said that he is indefinitely suspended. So it's indefinitely not permanently. There is still hope. The company is giving him a chance to change. From what a friend of mine said, in the history of JE, no one was suspended that was able to go back to his group. I know fans all over the world are still hoping for his comeback and I hope, I HOPE, that it will not completely ruin the image of the group.

I've been planning to write this the whole day yesterday but I was busy. So that's it. Prayers for Ryutaro Morimoto.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


"Today I don't feel like doing anything..." I was singing that song from the time I woke up until I ended up in-front of my laptop. Then, I checked out SM Masinag's Official Page on Facebook. I don't actually do this regularly but this time I checked it out. It was 3pm. Only to find out that there will be a mall tour of the casts of Temptation Island at 5pm today. I wasn't surprised because I'm not a fan. What made me jump and shout was someone commented that PapaDan will be the emcee. Haha!.. Dream came true! I immediately ran to the bathroom, took a bath.. then at 4:30pm I decided to go there. SM Masinag is very close to our home. :D I brought my DSLR and then with so many people around I wasn't able to take pictures.

Ang gusto ko lang naman kunan yung EMCEE eh! Pwede kahit emcee lang pagbigyan nyo ako. :D haha! I told my companion, "Hindi na nga ako kukuha ng picture baka masira pa to. Masulyapan ko lang si PapaDan, solb na ako!" Then luckily before we left, I saw him. :D

Just as I entered our house, I immediately tweeted it. After a few hours he RT my tweet!. woohh! haha!!

I'm so happy!!.. :D
Haha! Finished the day with PGT and Gandang Gabi Vice.

Day complete!. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Missed Blogger

I missed blogging. Let's see.

My mom arrived here last Sunday because she wanted to help me with my enrollment. There was a problem with my subjects regarding the pre-requisites. Good thing it was solved already. :) Later that afternoon when she arrived, we went directly to SM Masinag to eat and buy some food for dinner. Another thing was I wanted to see Xyriel Manabat (Anna Manalastas in 100 Days to Heaven) and Angeline Quinto.  We went there and then waited for many hours and then finally we saw them. Angeline was the first one I saw. I randomly stood at the rightmost side of the stage. I didn't know where they were. After so many hours of waiting I finally saw Angeline. I was surprised when she appeared infront of me, smiled and said "hi". I was holding my phone, shocked, I wasn't able to take a picture. Haha. After a few minutes, I saw Xyriel Manabat. I was shocked, she was so small and so cute!!.. :) Then again, I was shocked, I did raise my phone but I forgot that the capture button was at the side. Haha! Poor me.

Lumapit na nga, di ko pa nakunan, malayo tuloy nakuha ko. tsk. Sayang!. :) Anyway, ayun, then si Xyriel naman nakunan ko ng malayo kaso, masyadong malabo na haha. :D nakakahiya na ipost dito.

I really need to sleep. Tulog na mga tao dito. Hope it will not rain hard tomorrow morning para makauwi ng maayos si mommy. Goodnight everyone! :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop those cute smiles. It's melting me!

He's just so freaking ADOOOORAAABLLEEE... :) 

Welcome JUNE!

 Welcome June 2010! The last day of May was not a very good day. Enrollment was a disaster. Tsk! I cannot proceed in taking my next majors because I wasn't able to take the BR 110 last semester. That was the pre-requisite for the major subjects this year. My mom didn't wan't me to take that subject because the schedule was very late at night. 7:30 -9pm. She didn't like that. :/ So now, I'm 1 year late again . :(

I'm planning to transfer to another school, UE maybe. I hope I can transfer soon. My mom will be arriving here on Sunday. The moment I said I had a problem, she immediately said she'll be going here.

I cried the whole afternoon then slept and when I woke up, I felt better. :)

I hope everything will be fixed as soon as possible. :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


Oh I just love Hey Say Jump so much. Here's one of their performance of Gambaretsugo (Hey Say 7). Note: This is Jpop NOT Kpop.

:)) I <3 Yamada Ryosuke

Sunday, May 29, 2011

twitter fever

Okay, I had a twitter account since last year but I never knew how it worked until I followed some of my facebook friends. I did post random things there but it seemed that no one ever noticed. Two days ago, I started to ask myself why the hell would people like Anne Curtis gain millions of followers. "Follow" was the word I first heard in Tumblr, not in Twitter. :P Haha! Anyway, I did doubt about following random people on twitter then they will just message you and ask you to follow their recommendations when I thought twitter was used to communicate with other people. My main use of twitter was for updates, news and reading tweets of people I like then reply to them without expecting any answer. Haha. Until, I became addicted. How? When I got a replies from different personalities. Take note, these are their official twitter accounts.

First was Vice Ganda.

Next was from Karen Davila.

Then a message from Kuya Kim Atienza.. :)

Hahaha! Sorry I said I wasn't desperate but everything just came to my twitter when I started using it. I wasn't able to sleep for a night because of this haha!.. It freaked me out.

I was also able to chat with my new classmates. :) I hope I can find new friends this coming year. :) I'm going to enroll tomorrow, I just hope I wake up early. Haha! Lazy me. XD

Friday, May 27, 2011

Useful Unlimited Text - Pnoys Wedding Issue

Okay, Another blog. haha! I miss writing already but I'm always at home so there's nothing to talk about. Everything is just boring. Today, I had a chat with a friend thru sms. Here's what we discussed. :)

Her: Nakaka F si Pinoy, imbis na problema ng bansa inaatupag, lovelife ang ginagawa nyang topic. Imbis na i-discuss nya sa mamamayan ang plano nya para itaas ang ekonomiya natin, ang sinasabi nya ay tungkol sa pagkasal bago matapos ang termino nya asih!

Me: Di nya naman kasalanan yun, ang kulit kasi ng media. Nakikialam pa sa private life eh.

Her: Kung di naman po kasi nya ginawa eh di hindi makikita. Pero tama naman, kasi di pinapakita mga mabubuti nyang ginagawa. Pero siba dapat may gawin sya para gumanda tingin sa kanya ng mga tao? At kung magco-comment sya dapat sa sitwasyon ng bansa, hindi showbiz ang palasyo. J

Me: Karapatan nya na magkaroon ng private life. Binata sya at tao din naman sya. Bawat tao ay entitled magkaroon ng private life. Kaya nga ayaw nya makialam ang media. Hindi ibig sabihin na presidente sya ay bawal na nya gawin yun.

Her: Problema nya yun at hindi problema ng bansa yun. Mas maraming problema ang mga mamamayan kaysa sa pag-aasawa nya. Mag hahanap muna ako ng makakain kaysa iisipin ang mapapangasawa nya. J

Me: Kaya nga siya pumunta ng Thailand, para ayusin ang isang problem ng bansa. Ang issue ng asawa2 na yan hindi naman yan mabo-brought up kung hindi sya tinanong at kinulit ng media. Hanggang Thailand hinahabol pa din sya ng intriga.

Her: Hindi lang yun ang problema ng bansa. Well, siguro let’s give him time? Kasi wala pa syang nagagawa, mag one year na sya sa June 30 as president pero wala pa rin syang napapatunayan. Sana hindi matapos ang termino nya na ang ginawa ay mag asawa. J

Me; Tumaas na nga ratings nya. Wala pa syang major thing na napatunayan pero he did a very good job for the past year. Lahat sinisimulan nya sa baba, sa maliit na bagay. Tama naman yung ginagawa nya eh. At least na-lessen ang corruption sa bansa. Ang pag-aasawa, private life nya yun, wag na lang sana pakialaman ng media. Hindi naman mata-topic ang pag-aasawa kung hindi tinatanong at kinukulit ng media.

Me:  Hindi lang yun ang prob ng bansa pero at least may ginagawa sya. Hindi naman maaayos agad ang bansa in 1 year lang and hindi rin maaayos ang bansa kung hindi makikipag-cooperate ang mga Pilipino. Yes, he definitely HAS the power to control everything, but without the cooperation and discipline of the Filipino people that “everything” wll be “nothing”.

Her: That’s why I said 6 years is long enough. Yes the Filipino needs to be disciplined. I know, I understand, and I hope Filipinos too will change. And we need a leader of course, to lead us but that won’t happen I the president won’t personally help the Filipinos. Actually, kahit hindi na sya mag bahay bahay katulad nina Quezon at Magsaysay. Kahit tabloid lang basahin nya, o kahit nga manud sya ng morning news okay na eh. Basta at the end of the day kahit isang problema lang ng mga Pilipino, kahit yung pinakasimple lang magawa nya, if not at least ma-plano man lang nya. Kung di kaya, Martial Law. Matino sya he won’t ask for more power. Magrerebelde ang mga Pilipino, Oo. Pero if he’ll do it in a way na pagbabago ng bansa para magandang bukas, why not? If he only talks to us, letting all Filipinos know what his term will lead us . I’m sure na magiging maayos ang lahat. Media again? No. sa ibang bansa once nag salita ang president everyone must watch, titigil ang class para lang making. Can’t he do that? I’m sure he can if he wants to.

Me: Go, ikaw na maging presidente. :P hindi yun ganun kadali. Madali man diktahin sa kanya, ganito-ganyan ang gawin nya, but once you’re in his position, it’s difficult. Kaya, time should be given. Don’t compare it to other countries because there are lots of differences. Hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay nakikinig at hindi lahat ay gusting bigyan sya ng chance. Remember, he ran for president not because of himself but because the people wanted him to.

Her: If I could I will. I know mahirap. Maging estudyante pa nga lang mahirap eh, pano pa kaya maging presidente? Lahat may antis. At kung may antis ba katapusan na ng mundo? Antis must be your confidante. Yes, Filipinos voted for him but sino ba ang tumakbo? We must not give him time? Ibig sabihin wala na tayong pag-asa? Pilipino lang dapat kumilos? Kung yun ang hinihintay ni Pnoy baka sa kamatayan nya hindi pa mangyayari yun. Filipinos need a leader that would scare them yet love them too. Pnoy must do that. May sala ang mga tao, sino ba ang wala? Pero bakit nagiging mabait ang isa? Diba dahil nahihikayat ng pangalawa? 1 is not the only number. Dapat may pangalawa, pangatlo at nth pa, dapat may nangunguna mag lead, at yun ang position ng president, he must lead us, not only the name,  not only the country but every living being. Hindi nawawala ang pagka-adik ng isang tao ng mag-isa. He needs someone to help him. And that’s what it takes para maging matino ang mga Pilipino, we need Pnoy to lead us.

Me: Actually he is already leading us by his example in life. He never did spend more than what he should in running this government. So much so that he was able to save and we were able to have a surplus in our budget which has never happened in the past administration. If we expect something magical or extraordinary thing to happen in a matter of a year in our country, that will be very impossible who may ever be the president now because of the huge problem that was left behind by the other administrations. I think the most we can do for him is to show a little appreciation and inspiration for him to do more this coming year and to be more tolerant and respect his private life because all people are entitled to it.

Her: And I hope too that everyone will know that. I was actually really happy when Pnoy decided to stop smoking, it’s a good start, leading Filipinos on a good way. But I’m telling you, every little thing matters, even just a simple brushing of his teeth after eating, my sisters are having problems with that, and every little thing he does in goodness would be nothing if Filipinos know nothing about it. Media? Can’t he make it as his ally? Is that really hard? Lead us and we must know that he lead us. Medias fault? Dang, edi kung media ang nasusunod eh di media na lang mag lead sa atin. Media ang mali? Eh di tanggalin ang media? Media ang tama? Sundin ang media? NO. Media is neither right or wrong because at the end of the day it’s the president who decided and acts what he does.
Me: President Noy Knows the problem of our country but remember this is a democratic country so he cannot do anything drastic because there is such thing as due process. Media plays a big role and media itself is divided. Some are praising him, others are criticizing him. As far as I’m concerned that is a healthy practice because if all media will be singing alleluia, the president will never know what are the real problems. However I wish they will leave out his private life because as the word connotes, it is private.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

stayed up late

     After this blog I'm going to sleep already. It's almost 3:30 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. After answering some facebook status about the RH Bill, I realized what I have been fighting for from the start. For the matter of discussion, I would choose the PRO RH BILL. When it comes to looking at advantages and disadvantages, I'll still go for PRO but I have to revise it. Remove abortion and contraceptives. While it remains in the bill, it's still Anti-life. I get the point why Anti RH debaters are arguing about this issue. We all know that abortion is immoral but not everyone knows that contraceptives can cause cancer. If you would like to be pro-life then you don't want to kill people using contraceptives.

         I'm really tired. Nothing is coming out of my brain already. Too tired to think and so sleepy. Good Morning! I'll continue everything in my next blog. :)

If you think you want the RH Bill to be revised, please like it on Facebook. HERE.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Concerns of Life

     What are our concerns in life? When I'm asked I just simply say, my studies and my future but what do we really need to be concerned about? Do we just focus on our own or other people's lives?

     Everybody has their own concerns depending on their status in life. Whether we are rich, poor, young, old, happy, sad, strong or weak, we all have concerns. Yesterday I went to SM Masinag to explore the mall because it was newly built. I strolled the whole mall then, when I saw everything already I stopped by the National Book Store. Then, while thinking about something to buy I glanced at some fiction books then I overheard a conversation of a grandmother and her two grandsons.

The older boy grabbed a really funky and interesting pencil case. Then he showed it to his grandmother.

Older boy: "Gusto ko to."

Grandmother: "Kailangan mo ba talaga yan?"

Older boy: "Opo kailangan ko to. Pwede na po ba to?"

Grandmother: "Hindi kung pwede na ang pinapag-usapan, ang tanong eh kung KAILANGAN mo ba yan. Baka hindi mo din yan gagamitin, iiwan mo lang din yan sa bahay."

Older boy: "Opo opo kailangan ko to." (He then showed the inside of the pencil case with those cool add-ons like clips for paper and pencils.)

Grandmother: "Sigurado ka bang gusto mo yan? Mamaya nyan magagalit mommy mo."

Then his little brother blurted out. "Hindi na tayo kakain ha."

Grandmother: "Oo nga, hindi na tayo kakain mamaya ha."

The older boy immediately left the pencil case and said, "Oo nga, baka magalit si mommy, hindi ko naman talaga kailangan yan eh."

Then they left.

I just wished I helped the older boy. When I was a child, I never experienced that because everything was provided, everything I want was given to me and yet I see this boy who couldn't even experience those kinds of kids stuff. Every kid deserves those but his grandmother was also right. I don't know him so I may not be able to judge his character. His grandmother has a point when she said that why buy those when you don't use it. The boy has to learn his lesson also. The fact that his little brother blurted out that they won't be able to eat if they will buy a very expensive pencil case. I know you already got the point.

Well, as I have said, everybody has their own concerns. As for fortunate people like me, I am thankful that I don't have so much negative concerns in life. I'm living my life to the fullest and taking one step at a time. I have learned to ignore people who are just there to pull me down. When I was thinking about revenge, I thought to myself, what for? and what do I get from it?--NOTHING. There are people out there who have greater concerns than mine, why would I bother to let myself down? Right? So, my concern in life is to live it to the fullest, be optimistic, believe in myself, have confidence and TRUST IN THE LORD.

How about you, what is your concern in life?


Let's face it. Facebook has reached millions of users. Each with different purpose in joining. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Now with over 300 million users and growing.

In my point of view, facebook is really entertaining in terms of its features. When you open your facebook account you'll see all the updates that your friends did while you're out. It also contains so many games that you will surely enjoy. Aside from that it is also one of the best sites for job-seekers and product buyers. There are group/fan accounts that sells different products for the convenience of a consumer for all ages. You can also search for friends that you may know from the past like childhood friends and elementary friends. The Friend suggestion feature helps you connect to friends of friends that you also know. You can also post your blogs there and updates of what you are doing. It also updates friends' birthdays so I don't have any problem of reminding myself of their birthdays. When I would like to message my friends I just have to write on their walls on their profiles or I could send them a private message so that no one else can see our conversation. There is also a chat feature at the bottom of the site. There you can see how many and who are online in your friends. You can also upload your pictures and anything you want to post and your friends can comment or like your posts. =) That's what I like about facebook, when I post something, I could also know if my friends like it or not and I could also view their reactions. For favorite applications, you can bookmark it so you won't have any difficulty searching for the application that you want.

Right now I only play few games because I was disappointed that there are users who use cheats for them to be on top of the rest that have high scores. I was curious on how they do this and so I learned that they used the cheat engine application for doing that. I'll tell you honestly that I did not cheat because I don't want to waste the purpose of playing those games. That's why it is a game because it enables us to work hard on it and to deserve rewards for high scores. I just don't want to break its purpose so I did not cheat.

These are some of the games that I play on facebook:

Pet Society
Restaurant City

This social networking site is also a big help for people in need because it reaches out to so many people. Like what happened to the Typhoon 
Ondoy and Pepeng victims, Haiti Quake, Japan Quake and so many other major disasters. Many people asked for donations and received more help through facebook and it's good to know that many people still care for their co-Filipinos.

Well, I enjoy facebook and just to let you know, it's the first site I visit when opening my browser. Haha.

Goodnight everyone. =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 Starting a new blog

     Back when I started using the internet it has been a hobby of mine to create blogs such as this one. I started with friendster blogs and other blog sites that exist. To sum it up, I couldn't anymore count all the blogs that I have created. From, friendster to multiply, blogger, livejournal, wordpress and so many others that I could not remember. Those blogs were not all finished because a lot of it was forgotten and since facebook became so popular, there was no need to write about anything because it was much easier to post there and just after a few seconds, many would already respond to it. Since, I felt this urge to write again, and I hope this will last long, I now made a new blogspot account. I don't know how many blogspot accounts I've made already but I hope this is again worth a try. I have seen facebook blogs of my old friends who are now professionals, and I have realized that I was a better writer than they were back when they were still starting to write. I knew it! Practice really makes everything perfect. I've been practicing for many years already but I know that that is not enough, I still have to  read and write more ideas as I can to improve more my grammar and vocabulary. Furthermore, I want to store all my experiences starting from the last year of my teenage life. 3 days more to go and I'm already 19. The last year for me to be called a TEEN. Haha!.. Anyway, this is a new life. I want to succeed in life so I will be studying more and I'll be focusing more on my goal. Ciao!.. ^__^