Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Concerns of Life

     What are our concerns in life? When I'm asked I just simply say, my studies and my future but what do we really need to be concerned about? Do we just focus on our own or other people's lives?

     Everybody has their own concerns depending on their status in life. Whether we are rich, poor, young, old, happy, sad, strong or weak, we all have concerns. Yesterday I went to SM Masinag to explore the mall because it was newly built. I strolled the whole mall then, when I saw everything already I stopped by the National Book Store. Then, while thinking about something to buy I glanced at some fiction books then I overheard a conversation of a grandmother and her two grandsons.

The older boy grabbed a really funky and interesting pencil case. Then he showed it to his grandmother.

Older boy: "Gusto ko to."

Grandmother: "Kailangan mo ba talaga yan?"

Older boy: "Opo kailangan ko to. Pwede na po ba to?"

Grandmother: "Hindi kung pwede na ang pinapag-usapan, ang tanong eh kung KAILANGAN mo ba yan. Baka hindi mo din yan gagamitin, iiwan mo lang din yan sa bahay."

Older boy: "Opo opo kailangan ko to." (He then showed the inside of the pencil case with those cool add-ons like clips for paper and pencils.)

Grandmother: "Sigurado ka bang gusto mo yan? Mamaya nyan magagalit mommy mo."

Then his little brother blurted out. "Hindi na tayo kakain ha."

Grandmother: "Oo nga, hindi na tayo kakain mamaya ha."

The older boy immediately left the pencil case and said, "Oo nga, baka magalit si mommy, hindi ko naman talaga kailangan yan eh."

Then they left.

I just wished I helped the older boy. When I was a child, I never experienced that because everything was provided, everything I want was given to me and yet I see this boy who couldn't even experience those kinds of kids stuff. Every kid deserves those but his grandmother was also right. I don't know him so I may not be able to judge his character. His grandmother has a point when she said that why buy those when you don't use it. The boy has to learn his lesson also. The fact that his little brother blurted out that they won't be able to eat if they will buy a very expensive pencil case. I know you already got the point.

Well, as I have said, everybody has their own concerns. As for fortunate people like me, I am thankful that I don't have so much negative concerns in life. I'm living my life to the fullest and taking one step at a time. I have learned to ignore people who are just there to pull me down. When I was thinking about revenge, I thought to myself, what for? and what do I get from it?--NOTHING. There are people out there who have greater concerns than mine, why would I bother to let myself down? Right? So, my concern in life is to live it to the fullest, be optimistic, believe in myself, have confidence and TRUST IN THE LORD.

How about you, what is your concern in life?

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