Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let's face it. Facebook has reached millions of users. Each with different purpose in joining. Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Now with over 300 million users and growing.

In my point of view, facebook is really entertaining in terms of its features. When you open your facebook account you'll see all the updates that your friends did while you're out. It also contains so many games that you will surely enjoy. Aside from that it is also one of the best sites for job-seekers and product buyers. There are group/fan accounts that sells different products for the convenience of a consumer for all ages. You can also search for friends that you may know from the past like childhood friends and elementary friends. The Friend suggestion feature helps you connect to friends of friends that you also know. You can also post your blogs there and updates of what you are doing. It also updates friends' birthdays so I don't have any problem of reminding myself of their birthdays. When I would like to message my friends I just have to write on their walls on their profiles or I could send them a private message so that no one else can see our conversation. There is also a chat feature at the bottom of the site. There you can see how many and who are online in your friends. You can also upload your pictures and anything you want to post and your friends can comment or like your posts. =) That's what I like about facebook, when I post something, I could also know if my friends like it or not and I could also view their reactions. For favorite applications, you can bookmark it so you won't have any difficulty searching for the application that you want.

Right now I only play few games because I was disappointed that there are users who use cheats for them to be on top of the rest that have high scores. I was curious on how they do this and so I learned that they used the cheat engine application for doing that. I'll tell you honestly that I did not cheat because I don't want to waste the purpose of playing those games. That's why it is a game because it enables us to work hard on it and to deserve rewards for high scores. I just don't want to break its purpose so I did not cheat.

These are some of the games that I play on facebook:

Pet Society
Restaurant City

This social networking site is also a big help for people in need because it reaches out to so many people. Like what happened to the Typhoon 
Ondoy and Pepeng victims, Haiti Quake, Japan Quake and so many other major disasters. Many people asked for donations and received more help through facebook and it's good to know that many people still care for their co-Filipinos.

Well, I enjoy facebook and just to let you know, it's the first site I visit when opening my browser. Haha.

Goodnight everyone. =)

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