Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome AUGUST! :)

     Good bye July and hello August! What a great way to end July. Yesterday, I went to NBN (National Broadcasting Network). It was my first time to go there. I was amazed. I went there around 1pm and then waited for Sir Mon for about 3 and a half hours. Haha! I then realized that everything was clear to me. Now how I know how they do "it". LOL! Haha! I meant, now I know how things happen there. :)

outside the newsroom but I went in eventually. :P
surplus po ng tv. joke! haha. :)
with Sir Santoni Nichols Tamondong and Ma'am Vanessa Bianca Piedad :)
with the Executive Producer of NBN News. Tatay Ramon Nunez. :) He is also my professor in Broadcast Journalism, Scriptwriting and Radio Production.
with Tatay and Rob. :)
playing with the mixer. haha!. :) nah, it's a mixer but I ain't playing with it. :D

 That will be all for today. HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE!.. :) I'm out of words. So sleepy. :) Good Morning!


  1. ERRATUM: Instead of Sir Bale Santoni Nochols Tamondong, it should be Sir Santoni Nichols Tamondong.

  2. Sorry Sir Toni, my mistake. It is now corrected. Thank you.