Saturday, July 30, 2011

Excited and Happy

     Well, what can I say? I wasn't able to write here last Wednesday because I was too tired and too sick. I did check out my facebook but I did not have the energy and time to write a blog. Last wednesday there was this Japanese Festival held in school. My classmates danced a Japanese song but I was not familiar with it so I didn't know the title. I was the one who took their pictures. I was happy because I supported my friends. It was a whole day activity but I only attended the first part. The second part was in the afternoon but I had my class in PE so I wasn't able to attend.

     Here's their picture. :D I was not there because I was the one who took the picture. I also have a picture with all of them but that was taken in the digital camera of Lanie Sensei, their teacher. She was also my teacher in Nihonggo 2. Anyway, for a short period of time I was able to enjoy the show.

     Later in the afternoon, I attended my PE class. Good thing I wasn't dropped yet. I do not have the new PE uniform. I don't want to wear shorts. haha! But I have no choice. Haha! And oh, I don't know all my classmates. They are all tourism students.

     What happened today was still a blast. I woke up with a very painful sore throat and I was not feeling well so I decided to skip class. I still attended our radio production in the evening.  Everything went well. Next week, we will have our very first radio production. I wonder how will it go? I don't have any idea on what will happen. Best of luck to our group who will present last.  haha! All I'm thinking about right now is how to prepare, what to prepare and what to do first. I want to be prepared. I want everything to be organized when we will have the production. haha! I don't know what I'm talking about. Will this be my first time? Or not. haha! But really, I don't know!  Good luck to me and my groupmates!

     Today, I'm happy. I can say that I am happy because I have my friends. :) For other things that makes me happy, it's between me and myself. Haha! And oh, excited. Yes, I'll be going to NBN tomorrow. I'm excited. That's all. :P

     Random. I already got my OVER CDS. yay! ^__^ I bought it for 2,600 Php straight from Japan. :) Another addition to my collections. ^__^
     I already have 6 Hey! Say! JUMP Cds. :) More to come since they will release another single by august or september. :) I haven't really updated much lately.

     Anyway, that will be all for today. :) Kiotsukete Kudasai!

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