Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Radio Prod and other stuff

     Someone's telling me to blog. Haha! At least I know there are people who read what I write and wait for me to make another one. What happened yesterday? I did nothing. I just emailed the news to my group mates and then slept and did nothing. I just wanted to rest yesterday. Last Monday I was able to go to school to have our meeting. Call time was around 2pm to 3pm but we arrived there around 4pm because of the heavy rain. After that, we still waited for one of our classmate who went to school but did not wear uniform of even brought an ID. We decided to have our meeting at Burger King. I explained to them the things that I know and then we discussed the things that are needed to be discussed. Then we ate there. After a few hours, my 4th year friends, Dibs, Irene and Meng went there to help us. We did get very helpful tips. I was very thankful they were there. After that we decided to eat dinner at Chic-boy Araneta and met Pauline there. :) It was my first time to eat there.

     Top L to R:Me and Princess Joy
Bottom L to R: Pauline, Meng, Dibs and Irene

     I was so happy to finally meet them again. Thank you for helping girls! It really meant a lot! So yeah, we had fun there and took pictures then we went home around 8:30pm. :) I am so happy!

     That will be all for today. I stayed up late thinking about what to write because I wasn't able to write yesterday. Good night! :)

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