Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Okay. Let me start of with the big bad news that I have read this morning. This is for Hey!Say!JUMP fans only, we'll you can read it if you're that interested.

I was reading kamichan's blog about Ryutaro Morimoto of Hey! Say! JUMP being suspended because he was caught smoking at a very young age. I didn't like what happened though it was really his fault. Knowing that he is working in Jhonny's Entertainment, and he is a Japanese citizen, he must abide by the rules. I understand the decision of Mr. Jhonny Kitagawa, the owner of JE (Jhonny's Entertainment), about the suspension of Morimoto. He was not just caught with the eye but caught with a camera. I don't consider it as being caught because just looking at the picture I can say that he really did that on purpose. You can see the picture here. I could not understand the reason why he would do such thing that would ruin the image of JUMP and other groups. Another thing is that maybe he trusted the wrong person, the person who took the picture. Today will be the launching of their latest single OVER. Now, JUMP will launch their single with only 9 members. After reading the news, I got almost 50 SMS from my friends talking and crying over the issue. I understand that Hey! Say! JUMP is not Hey! Say! JUMP with only 9 members. But there's no reason to go crying and not eating because of that.

The Tokyo TV Station is now puzzled whether they would air Yanyan JUMP and HEY! HEY! HEY!, Morimoto is there and they have already taped the show 2 weeks ago and that will be aired today. They are also thinking about editing the singles and removing Morimoto there but I don't think they still can. There are already CDs that was shipped and sold out of Japan. Poor Morimoto have to be suspended in all appearances indefinitely. At first I would also like to give him a big slap on the face for doing such thing that now ruined the image of the group. Since he's a teenager, I'll refrain from doing that aside from the fact that I don't know him personally. When teenagers are curious, they always end up like that. As far as I'm concerned, Japanese people are very disciplined whether old or young. That is why I was very curious about the reason of Morimoto's early smoking exposure.

Talking about maturity, I was pissed reading some comments and texts about him. Those messages that doesn't really make sense. Why can't fangirls and fanboys just act maturely over this issue? Why do they have to cry so hard over this, why do they have to skip their meals because Morimoto is suspended? I know we fans have our own opinions about this issue. Can we just react about this in an objective and positive way? Isn't crying and skipping meals just because of that just makes a person immature? I know die-hard fans are really hurt about this issue but it's not a reason for them to make themselves suffer. They are just making their life more complicated.

Morimoto has his issues and JE has no clear statements of whether he will be forced to quit or not. In the latest news, it was said that he is indefinitely suspended. So it's indefinitely not permanently. There is still hope. The company is giving him a chance to change. From what a friend of mine said, in the history of JE, no one was suspended that was able to go back to his group. I know fans all over the world are still hoping for his comeback and I hope, I HOPE, that it will not completely ruin the image of the group.

I've been planning to write this the whole day yesterday but I was busy. So that's it. Prayers for Ryutaro Morimoto.


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