Sunday, June 26, 2011


"Today I don't feel like doing anything..." I was singing that song from the time I woke up until I ended up in-front of my laptop. Then, I checked out SM Masinag's Official Page on Facebook. I don't actually do this regularly but this time I checked it out. It was 3pm. Only to find out that there will be a mall tour of the casts of Temptation Island at 5pm today. I wasn't surprised because I'm not a fan. What made me jump and shout was someone commented that PapaDan will be the emcee. Haha!.. Dream came true! I immediately ran to the bathroom, took a bath.. then at 4:30pm I decided to go there. SM Masinag is very close to our home. :D I brought my DSLR and then with so many people around I wasn't able to take pictures.

Ang gusto ko lang naman kunan yung EMCEE eh! Pwede kahit emcee lang pagbigyan nyo ako. :D haha! I told my companion, "Hindi na nga ako kukuha ng picture baka masira pa to. Masulyapan ko lang si PapaDan, solb na ako!" Then luckily before we left, I saw him. :D

Just as I entered our house, I immediately tweeted it. After a few hours he RT my tweet!. woohh! haha!!

I'm so happy!!.. :D
Haha! Finished the day with PGT and Gandang Gabi Vice.

Day complete!. :)

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