Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Missed Blogger

I missed blogging. Let's see.

My mom arrived here last Sunday because she wanted to help me with my enrollment. There was a problem with my subjects regarding the pre-requisites. Good thing it was solved already. :) Later that afternoon when she arrived, we went directly to SM Masinag to eat and buy some food for dinner. Another thing was I wanted to see Xyriel Manabat (Anna Manalastas in 100 Days to Heaven) and Angeline Quinto.  We went there and then waited for many hours and then finally we saw them. Angeline was the first one I saw. I randomly stood at the rightmost side of the stage. I didn't know where they were. After so many hours of waiting I finally saw Angeline. I was surprised when she appeared infront of me, smiled and said "hi". I was holding my phone, shocked, I wasn't able to take a picture. Haha. After a few minutes, I saw Xyriel Manabat. I was shocked, she was so small and so cute!!.. :) Then again, I was shocked, I did raise my phone but I forgot that the capture button was at the side. Haha! Poor me.

Lumapit na nga, di ko pa nakunan, malayo tuloy nakuha ko. tsk. Sayang!. :) Anyway, ayun, then si Xyriel naman nakunan ko ng malayo kaso, masyadong malabo na haha. :D nakakahiya na ipost dito.

I really need to sleep. Tulog na mga tao dito. Hope it will not rain hard tomorrow morning para makauwi ng maayos si mommy. Goodnight everyone! :)

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